Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Have your Commercial building looking its best with ANR pressure cleaning!

Fully Insured & ticketed  We can clean up to 3 stories without the need for any expensive EWP boom lifts.

Weather it is your Shopping centre, High rise, Factory, School or Service stations, We have all the equipment and experience to make sure your your project is cleaned safe and hassle free the first time every time!

Exterior Pressure Cleaning

Over time bricks can attract dirt, moss, and mould.  Not only is this unsightly but it can also be harmful to your health.  The good news is that a simple water pressure clean can fix that up in a matter of minutes.  Call us now for a free quote.

Concrete Sealing

There are many different types of concrete – decorative, stamped, stencilled, plain – to mention but a few. We are interested in keeping your concrete in immaculate ‘new’ condition – in fact this is a common saying from clients after our service – ‘It looks like new!’

Concrete is low maintenance – not NO maintenance. Leave it alone for a year and bacteria, dirt and contaminants like – mould, oil and stains will interfere. Concrete sealing ensures you can keep it in ‘as new’ condition long term – reducing oil, contaminants and mould growth penetrating the surface. It will ensure future cleans are quick, simple and not so frequent.

Roof Restoration – why Paint when we can restore!.

You can also enhance the look of your tile or steel roof and add years to its life and dollars to your value.

ANR Pressure Cleaning specialise in high pressure roof cleaning and chemical roof cleaning in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Have your roofs colour and appearance restored, prevent damaging lichen and mould build up and prolong the life of your paint.

Your home is your biggest asset; your roof shields your family from the harsh Australian climate.  Our roof cleaning process washes away harsh dirt and our cleaning solution sanitises all surfaces killing microscope mould spores, which is essential for hygiene and beneficial to asthmatics.

Our machines are water efficient; our cleaning solution contains a blend of plant derived detergents and diluted bleach.  We can provide you with an accurate price by on-site quoting or off-site quoting using up to date satellite images, to gauge the scale and complexity of your residential or commercial roof.

ANR Pressure cleaning provides exceptional services that give your home a “facelift” without the stress or cost of repainting. Best of all you don’t even need to be home while we complete the job!

Driveway Cleaning

Give your driveway or pavement that All New Look and reduce the chance of slipping with a Water Blast Clean from ANR Pressure Cleaning.